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humanities help warner pacific university

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humanities help warner pacific university

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OK Privacy policy.English majors will survey British and American literature, focus on particular British and American writers, examine Anglophone literature from other countries, dive into advanced English grammar, advance personal writing skills, and review the history of the English language. Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers and advanced studies that require analytical reading and writing skills, such as journalism, advertising, and social media.

See the Teacher Education section for additional information. The mission of the English major is to promote learning in language, composition, literature, critical theory, and professional and creative writing.

The major promotes the development of life-long skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, and research; embraces diversity; and fosters an environment of open inquiry and innovation. The English program consists of 39 credit hours of coursework: 15 credit hours of required coursework in English, 9 credit hours in the communication core, and 15 credit hours of English electives.

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The mission of the History major is to prepare students for graduate programs in the liberal arts and other specialized professions, to prepare students for careers in the historical profession and related fields e. The major in History consists of 36 credit hours of coursework. This major is an option for students who wish to take a liberal arts major that will prepare them for professional occupations such as law.

A minor in another subject is required. The required courses in Methods, Cultural, Social, and Political Approaches listed respectively are:.

Is there something we can help with? Facebook Twitter. English English majors will survey British and American literature, focus on particular British and American writers, examine Anglophone literature from other countries, dive into advanced English grammar, advance personal writing skills, and review the history of the English language.

Major Mission and Outcomes The mission of the English major is to promote learning in language, composition, literature, critical theory, and professional and creative writing.

Examine how works of literature are related to their historical, cultural, and religious contexts. Demonstrate knowledge of major literary periods and authors in British, American, and World literature. Demonstrate the oral and written ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret a variety of texts. Incorporate scholarly secondary sources into their critique or argument of a piece of literature.

Compete favorably with peers for employment and further education. Major in English The English program consists of 39 credit hours of coursework: 15 credit hours of required coursework in English, 9 credit hours in the communication core, and 15 credit hours of English electives. Core Courses: Prefix Course Hrs. History majors will also be ready to continue on to liberal arts graduate studies or law school.

Major Mission and Outcomes The mission of the History major is to prepare students for graduate programs in the liberal arts and other specialized professions, to prepare students for careers in the historical profession and related fields e. Research and write proficiently.

humanities help warner pacific university

Compete favorably with peers for employment and education. Major in History The major in History consists of 36 credit hours of coursework. Apply Now. Complete your Application. Thanks for visiting Warner. World Literature: Beginnings to or.Senior research officers hold increasingly complex jobs, prioritizing efficiency and compliance in their work, report finds.

College and university research enterprises are growing in size and complexity -- and so is the list of responsibilities for senior research officers, the top-level administrators heading up the research arm at many institutions.

humanities help warner pacific university

Senior research officers -- often given the title vice president for research or vice provost for research -- hold universitywide responsibilities. Those responsibilities include overseeing grant proposals, providing leadership and support for research infrastructure like facilities and equipment, overseeing compliance operations and developing partnerships with government agencies and corporations.

The officer role typically fits one of two models. First is the professional model, in which officers take on primarily administrative roles and rarely conduct research themselves. Second is the service model, in which faculty members take on the senior research officer role but continue to lead their own research, planning to one day return to the faculty ranks.

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Officers who fall into the service model emphasized the importance of faculty perspective in the role, the report said. To provide a faculty voice to the administration.

Nearly all of the senior research officers interviewed for the report have a science background. Most are accomplished researchers in their own right, the report said. Only a quarter are women, according to an analysis of senior research officers at Association of American Universities and Association of Public and Land-grant Universities member institutions.

As college research offices grow, senior research officers are working to streamline administrative functions and subordinate offices. For example, an institution with a main campus and a health sciences campus may choose to combine the research offices at both. Or an institution may choose to merge the office of human subject safety, the office of animal subject safety and the environmental safety office into a single unit, Schonfeld said.

Health Sciences

Streamlining efforts will minimize the administrative burdens on faculty, many senior research officers said. Some interviewees emphasized the need for more efficient systems across a university, and in some cases across several universities.

Linked and automated systems could cut down on the time faculty members spend on data entry, they said. Almost all of those interviewed mentioned research funding as a strategic priority, according to the report.

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In addition, senior research officers are increasingly looking for corporate partnerships to diversify their revenue streams, Schonfeld said. Research funding is one of the most stable parts of university budgets, Schonfeld added. The current pressure on net tuition revenues, state appropriations and endowments has for the most part left research funding unscathed.

That said, research budgets are impacted by across-the-board cost cutting at universities that are struggling financially, he said. Senior research officers are also focused on compliance issues, according to the report.

Policy makers and federal science agencies are concerned about undue foreign influence, specifically from China, on federally funded research. Compliance issues resulting from these concerns are still developing, and interviewees reported spending a lot of time in recent years working through these issues, the report said. That was covered separately in an earlier report, released in October.

Be the first to know. Get our free daily newsletter. Search Over 22, Jobs. Post A Job Today! We are retiring comments and introducing Letters to the Editor. Long-term online learning in pandemic may impact students' well-being. Wellness and Mental Health in Online Learning.

Gallup and Lumina find students learned better in person during fall Essay on the pandemic and time. Essay on Dr. Jill Biden Prompts Uproar.Founded inthe university is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and affiliated with the Church of God. In its negotiations, the university was represented by attorney and former Parks commissioner Jim Francesconi[5] but that deal fell through when the neighborhood association got wind of negotiations and felt that the sale of the public land was improper.

The company stated it would allow them to retain zero jobs. Warner Pacific is situated on an acre 0. The acre 0.

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Since the s, the park has contained reservoirs that serve the city of Portland, and that are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city's drinking water is being transitioned to covered reservoirs at Powell Butte ; the transition is scheduled to be complete by Linn Library, Gotham Hall, and the C. Perry Gymnasium. Bounded on the south by Southeast Division Street, the campus runs from what would be 65th Avenue to 70th Avenue. Warner Pacific University's traditional undergraduate program offers 25 majors, seven areas of pre-professional study, and 29 minors.

Enrollment totals 1, students with a student to faculty ratio of Warner Pacific University was the first four-year college or university in Oregon to receive designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution by the U. Department of Education. The school added men's and women's wrestling starting with the to school year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

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Warner Pacific University Press release. June 12, Retrieved November 25, February 15, Online Schools That Offer Laptops. Cheapest Affordable Online Colleges. Cheapest Online Master's Degree Programs. Nationally Accredited Online Colleges. Online Medical Assistant Programs. With plenty of options to choose from, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

EDsmart has dug through the data to narrow down the list to the top 20, 2-year, and 4-year schools in Oregon. Our goal is to provide you with information that matters, including what your education will cost, how likely you are to remain and graduate from a given school and what you can expect to earn right after graduating. Our list is meant to provide an overview of the best colleges in Oregon according to four main factors.

All data was gathered from the U. This ranking aims to help students assess the affordability and value of top colleges in Oregon so they can make informed decisions about which college to attend. The University of Oregon is a public university founded in in Eugene, Oregon. U of O is well-known for its research efforts and dedication to teaching. This school is part of the Association of American Universities, which consists of 62 top-notch research universities in the nation. The University of Oregon has nine schools, over academic programs, and more than 3, undergraduate courses.

Inthis college ranked 1st for best public colleges in Oregon, 19th for best college food in America, 31st for most liberal colleges in America, 64th for best colleges for veterans, and 33rd for best college athletics in America.

There are not currently any undergraduate degree programs that can be taken entirely online, but portions of degrees can be earned with online classes. Take classes online. University of Oregon. Portland State University is a public university founded in in Portland, Oregon. Portland State University provides students with the opportunity to gain experience through internships and community-based projects in their chosen fields of study.

This school also features an award-winning curriculum providing small class sizes and peer mentoring for each first-year student. Students also participate in Senior Capstones, which places them into their field using their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to create community projects. InPortland State University rated fourth for best colleges in OR that are public, eighth for most liberal colleges in America, 20 for best colleges in America, and 32 for most innovative schools. Students have the opportunity to pursue certificates, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs online in several different subjects if they do not have time to attend a traditional classroom setting.Higher education has an obligation throughout the pandemic to provide adequate support to students with intersecting identities, notably low-income women of color, argues Anabella Morabito.

COVID came, wreaking havoc on colleges and universities, early in the spring of Our days quickly became overwhelmingly difficult with questions that we did not have enough time or data to answer.

Would we return in the fall? What would programming look like socially distanced? Would students comply with safety guidelines?

How can we pedagogically approach online instruction to ensure equity? If campuses close, what support do we offer to students for whom home is not a safe or sustainable option?

Welcome Weekend at Warner Pacific

Faced with a myriad of questions, we often lacked guidance that could lead us to concrete answers. But one thing was overwhelmingly clear: our students were struggling, and we were responsible for providing them support.

As a Latina immigrant who has the privilege to serve as an assistant dean of student affairs at my college, I approach my work with a preferential concern for students on the margins. I predominantly work with those who stand at the intersection of three identities: low-income women of color.

From the very beginning, it quickly became apparent in long phone conversations that my students were handling way more than a college student should ever have to handle.

Our calls were frequently interrupted by younger siblings asking for help with remote instruction or a home-cooked meal. At times, my students called late at night as they took a break from their night shift.

Other times, I accompanied them through heartbreaking conversations as they shared the direct impact of COVID on their family.

I distinctly remember receiving a call from a student whom I have worked closely with during her four years at the college. She called me late on a Friday night to share the news that her father had passed away due to complications from COVID I attended the socially distanced funeral Mass.

It was a small family gathering, and I felt privileged to be there during that difficult moment in her life. As an English speaker and as a leader in her family, she took up the responsibility of funeral arrangements and family support.

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My students, many of them first-generation college students -- the ones who had to work so hard simply to acclimate to college and succeed in transitioning to such an unknown environment -- were now having to face yet another unknown future. They were learning how to balance synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

They were attempting to learn online in home environments that were disruptive and at times uninviting. They were caring for younger siblings, parents and grandparents. They were grieving the death of loved ones. And their families were facing historical rates of unemployment, forcing them to take one, two and even at times three part-time jobs to fill the gaps. As a member of our emergency assistance task force, I read countless applications of students applying to our emergency assistance program that supports students with various needs, among them food insecurity, a lack of a reliable internet connection or a laptop for remote course work, financial hardships, and childcare concerns.

Students expressed in applications the dire economic, physical and mental toll COVID had taken on them and their families. Many of the students I encountered in the applications had already been struggling financially to pay for college, and for them, COVID was becoming an insurmountable amount of additional pressure on an already difficult situation.

Overnight, our students became online learners, caretakers and breadwinners -- all while wrestling with daily displays of racial violence at the national level. Indeed, my students have been doing all this for more than eight months. This is the real impact of COVID on our students, and we in higher education have inevitably become a part of their life as we accompany them in their educational journey.

It is essential that we take this responsibility with great care, compassion, humility and grace. The yearwith the spread of COVID and the essential centering of racial violence in our national rhetoric, has unearthed inequalities that had for too long remained concealed to those privileged enough to not have to confront them daily. The pandemic has disproportionately affected low-income communities of color.A minor in Health Sciences can prepare you for further education in nursing, allied health, or other health-related fields.

Apply Visit Inquire Give. Growing up, I experienced a lot of discrimination in school. Being a Mexican-American student in a primarily white school created many disadvantages for me. Many people doubted my pursuit in education but the stereotypical comments built resilience within me. At Warner Pacific, I was not discriminated against because of my culture, ethnicity, or skin color. I am blessed because I experienced a learning environment where I was able to feel comfortable with who I am while being fully supported by the community.

I definitely feel that Warner Pacific played the largest role in helping me gain the confidence I needed to step out into the real world, ready to engage and network with others from all walks of life.

Graduating from Warner Pacific, I am far more self-aware and concerned with the injustices of the world. I have grown into a person that embodies and values the importance of mutual respect and critical thought. I am so grateful to have spent my college years an environment that encourages the pursuit of justice, diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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